BLISS MY HEART Shares New Single “Reason To Dust” featuring Eric Jayk

Following her deeply personal and immensely powerful single “Latigo Canyon,” French musician “BLISS MY HEART” has released her follow-up “Reason To Dust.” Featuring Eric Jayk of the band “Wildstreet,” the track is rich in melancholic balladry with luscious and dreamy production. You can listen to “Reason To Dust” below:


LINGUA IGNOTA is set to release her new album SINNER GET READY on August 6th via “Sargent House,” and now the album’s second single “PERPETUAL FLAME OF CENTRALIA” has been released. Following the hauntingly beautiful “PENNSYLVANIA FURNACE,” the new single is even more somber in tone, with Hayter describing the track as “the quietest and most desolate, full of dread, full of night, long phrases and few breaths.” Centralia is a ghost town in Pennsylvania where a coal mine fire has been burning underground since 1962. For the music video, Hayter collaborated with fashion designer Ashley Rose Couture to bring concepts of her music to life with her clothing. You can watch the music video for “PERPETUAL FLAME OF CENTRALIA” below:

Broken Baby Share New Single “Get the Piss Up”

I’ve never heard the phrase “get the piss up” before, but it sounds exciting, and it sounds like a fun night of dancing terribly, getting a little too drunk, and hitting up Denny’s at 3:00 A.M. because it’s the only restaurant that’s open at that time. After a year of isolation where we were all stuck inside, much of our partying consisted of getting a little too drunk at home and watching bad reality T.V. Fortunately, Los Angeles Garage Rock duo “Broken Baby” made best of the situation and recorded a rager of a track that proves you can have a good time in any situation whether it be at a show or in your own garage. That’s right, “Get the Piss Up” is the title of the band’s new single, and it’s a fun track that offers a bit of hope, which is a fun alternative to the general consensus that we’re all doomed. You can watch the music video for “Get the Piss Up” below:

Xeno and Oaklander Announce New Album “Vi/deo,” Share New Single “Infinite Sadness”

Like much of the music that’s being released this year, Synth-Pop duo “Xeno & Oaklander’s” upcoming album Vi/deo was conceived during the pandemic in the duo’s home studio. Though 2020 and still much of 2021 are the years of isolation and desolation, it’s interesting hearing all of the music that encapsulates these trying times. Simply put it, pandemic music hits different, and “Xeno & Oaklander” have returned to grace us with their signature retro, but futuristic style heavy on analog synthesizers and pulsating grooves that sound both robotic, but human enough to prompt one to move their feet. Vi/deo is the duo’s seventh studio album, and will be released on October 22nd via “Dais Records.” You can listen to the album’s first single “Infinite Sadness” below:

Track Review: Flying Rabbit – The Clap

Artist: Flying Rabbit

Song: The Clap

Genre: Psychedelic Rock/Alternative Rock/Jazz

Label: Self-released

Music that delves into the endless abyss of thought provoking themes and topics our multifaceted brains are capable of conjuring up is music that isn’t too keen on escapism. As compelling as this music may be, there’s a time and place for it, and sometimes we need an escape from reality. After all, I’m pretty sure your local bar isn’t the ideal place to play songs about existentialism on the jukebox. “Who wants shots?! Now what’s the meaning of life?” Sometimes music about the spirit of music and it’s healing abilities will suffice. “Flying Rabbit” are a band whose music contains immense substance and creativity, but they can also be a band that likes to have fun, and their song “The Clap” indicates that. This is the band’s version of a dance anthem. A dance anthem that resides in their own universe. This isn’t exactly club music, it’s definitely a “Flying Rabbit” song, but it is a celebration of the primal urge to dance when we hear an infectious rhythm. When we hear music that moves us, we dance, we sing, we clap. The sounds emitted from music possesses one person and goes to another, and another, and another. It’s contagious, it spreads. I can think of another thing under the name “the clap” that spreads, but I’m not going to get into that. Sorry, I just had to say it. Is this a comical analogy? The song title did prompt me to chuckle like a kid in class whose teacher just dropped the F-bomb, but in all seriousness, this track shows the immense versatility “Flying Rabbit” have in their song writing abilities and musicianship. They can make music for all moods. Now throw on this song and clap along. 

Written By: Steven Sandoval

The Reality TV Shares New Single “Dirty Hot”

Following the incredibly catchy single “Beats,” which was a trip down memory lane through the Post-Punk/ Goth era of the 80s, U.K. artist Benjamin Mace-Crossley has released a follow-up single titled “Dirty Hot” under his “The Reality TV” moniker, and it pulls no punches when it comes to danceable synth-driven swagger cool and dark enough to make you want to bust out your black eye shadow and combat boots, but also genuine enough to not come off as mimicry. You can listen to “Dirty Hot” below:

Lingua Ignota Shares New Single “PENNSYLVANIA FURNACE,” Announces New Album “SINNER GET READY”

Kristin Hayter is one of those rare artists who creates music strictly on their own terms. She uncompromisingly puts her heart and soul into everything she creates under her “Lingua Ignota” project, never wasting a second on insincerity. The way she explores the many facets of the human condition and human mind, the darker and more disturbing parts of humanity make themselves visible naturally, but in a way that feels therapeutic and rewarding as she exorcises her demons, so when she releases a new track, you can bet the song will either be a tearjerker that will render you an emotional mess, or a Hellish and disturbing experience that will scare the living shit out of even the toughest of metalheads. Today she has unveiled the details of her upcoming album SINNER GET READY, which will be released on August 6th via “Sargent House,” and the album’s first single “PENNSYLVANIA FURNACE” is of the tearjerker variety featuring Hayter’s hauntingly beautiful operatic vocals. You can watch the music video for “PENNSYLVANIA FURNACE” below:

Tyler, The Creator Shares New Single “Lumberjack”

Following his “Side Street” teaser video which was released earlier this week and left many to believe new music was on the horizon, Tyler, The Creator has released a brand new single titled “Lumberjack.” Still no word on whether or not there’s a new album coming, but it is nice to hear new music from Tyler to help us cope with these trying times. You can watch the music video for “Lumberjack” below:

Alexis Marshall Announces Solo Debut Album “House of Lull . House of When,” Shares New Single “Hounds in the Abyss”

The wait is finally over. Alexis Marshall of the band “Daughters” has unveiled the release date of his highly anticipated solo debut album. The album is titled House of Lull . House of When, and will be released on July 23rd via “Sargent House.” A new single titled “Hounds in the Abyss” was also released today, which follows last year’s “Nature in Three Movements,” a relentlessly intense, but enticing tune. “Hounds in the Abyss” carries that same anxiety-inducing energy, and I’m here for it. You can watch the music video for “Hounds in the Abyss” below:

SPELLLING Shares New Single “Turning Wheel”

After being delayed by almost a year, Chrystia Cabral will release her new “SPELLLING” album The Turning Wheel on June 25th via “Sacred Bones Records.” This follows up her critically acclaimed 2018 album Mazy Fly, an album rich in dreamy synths and instrumentation that felt both futuristic and nostalgic, offering a Sci-Fi-heavy cinematic experience like no other. For her follow-up, Cabral produced the album herself, while collaborating with a total of 31 musicians, and you can definitely hear the contributions from said musicians on her new single “Turning Wheel.” This is a short, but grand ballad that lets its ensemble of musicians be heard. You can watch the music video for “Turning Wheel” below: