Album Review: Shame – Songs of Praise


Artist: Shame

Album: Songs of Praise

Genre: Post-Punk/Indie Rock

Rating: 8/10

Post-Punk has been spawning numerous incredible new acts as of late, and now we can add South Londoners Shame to this impressive list. After a string of singles, music videos, and high energy live performances, the band have finally released their debut album Songs of Praise, and this thing carries every single element of what makes Post-Punk such a compelling genre. Fueled by young politics, aggression, and of course, rebellion, this album is a relentless work of art that can be both classy and chaotic. This is mature rebellion more concerned with making you look at your reflection and at the flat-out ridiculous social and inward crimes us humans commit than creating a “Fuck off” anthem. Lead singer Charlie Steen’s gruff voice was made for Punk Rock and he utilizes it to deliver lyrical content heavy on satirizing simple-minded people, narcissists, and the current state of politics. A track like The Lick finds Steen delivering mostly spoken word verses about how many people want things to be safe and easy. About how we all want things to be relatable not debatable, too afraid of embracing the things that challenge us, and he cleverly uses people’s safe choice in music to symbolize the bigger picture. One Rizla is a bit of a Punk Rock motivational track about being at peace with your self despite how much of a piece of shit you may be. In this selfie taking social media driven society we now live in, this is how you rebel. It’s easy to curse the government, but it’s still a bit taboo to look inward and dissect everything that is wrong with our selfish species, and Shame aren’t afraid to hold up that mirror.

Written By: Steven Sandoval 

Date: 01/13/18

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