Album Review: Porches – The House


Artist: Porches

Album: The House

Genre: Synth-Pop/Indie Pop

Rating: 5/10

Porches will always be one of those projects with a rotating lineup, this is because sole member Aaron Maine is pretty much providing us with solo material under the Porches guise to leave open space for collaborators who will come and go, but we all know this is Aaron Maine’s baby. His previous album Pool did offer that full band sound with synth-driven instrumentation that also combined Dream Pop-esque guitars and Post-Punk, and it was done quite well, but his new album The House is the closest he’s ever come to sounding like a solo artist. The strong hints of Electronica that were just begging to break loose on that previous album are explored full-on with this album. The synth-driven 808 drum machine heavy production is done in a way that sounds outdated (seriously, a lot of this sounds like it came straight out of a 90’s rave) but it’s upbeat and danceable nonetheless. The problem is, Maine’s sad boy vocal delivery offers a drony contrast that doesn’t go over so well. If you’re familiar with Porches then you know by now that Maine’s vocals just naturally have a melancholy sound. I mean the guy can make puppies and rainbows sound depressing, but what worked so well on his previous record doesn’t work very well on this new one, and it is quite a drag. The auto-tune effects that litter most of his vocals aren’t as grating as a lot of other artists whom use auto-tune as a cop-out, but they offer nothing significant. The whole album just sounds insignificant. I’m not saying Maine needs to start making happy-go-lucky music, but if you’re going to project an image of sadness whether it be genuine or not, it must be compelling, and this album is miles and miles away from that.

Written By: Steven Sandoval

Date: 01/19/18

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