Album Review: Skating Polly – The Make It All Show


Artist: Skating Polly 

Album: The Make It All Show

Genre: Alternative Rock

Rating: 7.5/10

 “Skating Polly” are a band from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The founding members are step-siblings Kelli Mayo and Peyton Bighorse, and they have been making Grungy and raw “Alternative Rock” since the beginning of this decade. Both beginning at a very young age, the two utilized their parents’ instruments to practice and practice, and it’s impressive how the two have perfected their multi-instrumentalist abilities, as well as their ability to write songs. It’s evident that the band have gotten better and better over the years releasing four full-length albums, each one better than the last. Their sound draws from 90’s “Alternative Rock,” “Grunge,” and even some “Riot grrrl” with their ferocious vocal delivery that echoes bands such as “Bikini Kill” or “Babes In Toyland.” Their new and fifth album The Make It All Show isn’t a drastic departure from their previous work, but the band went for a more melodic approach this time around, and with the addition of their brother Kurtis Mayo, the band are now a trio, and the result is a cleaner and fuller sound. The first few tracks on The Make It All Show are smooth guitar-driven fun rockin’ enough for those who love Rock but also poppy enough to win over those who love a good chorus, but the album doesn’t truly bite until the fourth track “Queen for a Day (feat. Exene Cervenka.)” This track starts off like the band are schooling us in “Sleater-Kinney” 101, but the explosive chorus that erupts displays the magic of “Pop” and “Rock” contrast. This album however is not all light. When these songs get heavy, THEY ARE FACE MELTING HEAVY with howling tumultuous vocals provided by Kelli Mayo who takes on the majority of the lead vocals. Tracks like “They’re Cheap (I’m Free),” “Camelot,” and “This Vacation” are grungy, dark, and absolutely passionate with pure unadulterated emotion. The lyrical content consists of the band’s reaction to their personal lives, getting away from their teen years and becoming young adults, and even though they are still youthful it’s perfectly clear being immersed in the music business at an early aged has matured them. With that raw emotion day one fans love them for, and with new “Pop” sensibilities, the band are displaying where they come from and where they are headed, and I couldn’t be more intrigued.


Written By: Steven Sandoval 

Date: 05/05/18

One thought on “Album Review: Skating Polly – The Make It All Show”

  1. A lot of catchy songs in this one. I would love it if there were more songs. It’s still really good though. 8.5 out of 10. Favorite song is This Vacation. When I heard that song, I was blown away. I have never heard anything like that.

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