Track Review: WYVZ – Rescue Annie


Artist: WYVZ

Song: Rescue Annie

Genre: Electronic/Experimental/IDM

“Everything sounds the same.” This statement couldn’t be more true when describing the current landscape of most genre music. Especially in the world of “Electronic” music. Though we do have our imaginative visionaries who push the boundaries and offer more than the four to the floor predictability, most casual listeners are accustomed to the idea that “Electronic” music is one-dimensional, and that’s unfortunate, but “Electronic” group “WYVZ” are here to break that monotony. The aforementioned quote comes from the group’s new single “Rescue Annie,” where vocalist Devon Travis sings with melancholy fervor, and though the vocals evoke sadness, there’s also a hint of hope in his tone, and that contrast is beautifully executed. The instrumentation provided by member Georgia McEwen-Hall is what powerfully pushes the boundaries and displays the vast possibilities of “Electronic” experimentation. “WYVZ” is her brainchild, and her creation is truly captivating. Her previous E.P. Triangle showcased her innovative style, and now with “Rescue Annie” she has moved to the next level. With subtle atmospherics that have a meditative nature, the track builds and builds without being too overblown. The track carries a consistent tone that never bombards the listener with an obnoxious climax, but the attention to detail and the subtle progression keeps that track away from repetition. Everything from the arpeggiated bass in the beginning, to the Sci-Fi laden synths, to the eruption of clean percussion, this track is immaculately produced. Georgia McEwen-Hall is a producer to pay attention to, and now that “WYVZ” is a collaborative effort with fellow talented artists Devon Travis and Okee Brand who handles the technical side of things, this is an exciting moment for “Electronic” and “Experimental” music. A new full-length album is on the horizon, and hopefully the band doesn’t make us wait too long for it.

Written By: Steven Sandoval

Date: 01/24/19



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