Album Review: Judiciary – Surface Noise


Artist: Judiciary

Album: Surface Noise

Genre: Hardcore/Metalcore 

Rating: 7/10

With tumultuous vigor West Texas based band “Judiciary” have unleashed their monster of a debut album Surface Noise on the “Closed Casket Activities” label, and this thing is a thunderous crash course in all things hardcore. The heavy drop-tuned guitar riffs, the intense breakdowns, the ear splitting drums, and the rage-filled vocals are all common traits in the genre of “Hardcore” that the band have perfected, and the album has the right amount of thrashing tempos that evoke the high energy spirit of “Hardcore Punk.” Just 27 minutes in length, the album never overstays it’s welcome. It’s short and sweet. Well, maybe not so sweet, because this is pure rage, but this music is infectious, and I challenge any fan of “Metal” to not want to break everything in their room when listening to this record. With clean clean clean production to the highest quality, Surfae Noise is a solid starting point for the band, and hopefully they expand their sound even further in the future.

Written By: Steven Sandoval

Date: 01/26/19




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