Album Review: Boy Harsher – Careful


Artist: Boy Harsher

Album: Careful

Genre: Electronic/Industrial/EBM/Synth-Pop

Rating: 8/10

Creating eerie atmospheres with very dark synth-driven “Electronica,” Western Massachusetts based duo “Boy Harsher” have been at it for awhile now making a name for themselves in the underground of “Electronic” music. After two EPs and one full-length album, releases that found the two exploring dark atmospherics that evoke David Lynch-esque surrealism, and combining these explorations with very dark Gothic-tinged “Synth-Pop,” the two have nearly perfected this sound on their new second full-length album Careful. This music is dance floor ready, but also very gloomy with it’s foggy and anachronistic style that sounds like 80’s “Synth-Pop” from an alternate universe. The production provided by member Gus Muller recalls the danceable side of “Industrial” or “EBM,” perfect for those who favor Twitch Ministry over The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste Ministry. On top of that Jae Matthews’ vocals exude sensuality and are often ethereal. Her almost whispered delivery adds a fragile yet impactful element that impressively blends into the instrumentation to the point where her vocals become an instrument. This album overall projects images of foggy nights or cloudy days upon hearing it, but with enough danceable beats, this juxtaposes the dark minimalism very well, offering an undeniably enticing listen.

Written By: Steven Sandoval

Date: 02/02/19




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