E.P. Review: El Café Atómico – You Won’t Get Rid of Me That Easy


Artist: El Café Atómico

EP: You Won’t Get Rid of Me That Easy

Genre: Experimental/Psychedelic/Blues

Label: Self-released

Rating: 7/10

 The name says it all. You won’t get rid of him that easy. You may stumble upon his music and want to shut it off, feeling the discomfort that emerges when hearing his oddball mixture of electronics, twangy guitar, and hard to distinguish vocals. You can choose to not listen anymore, but he had a few minutes of your time. You entered his chaotic world. His music may turn off some people, but for weirdos like me, his music is a fucking playground. Who am I talking about? I’m talking about Victor “Cactus Frank” Fernandez, a self-taught musician from Venezuela whom I know very little about due to his mysterious online presence that reveals very little info on his background, but the mysterious factor works out in his favor, because his music speaks for itself. Under the name “El Café Atómico,” Cactus Frank has gifted us the first installment of his “Rampage Series” titled You Won’t Get Rid of Me That Easy, and it is an interesting listen. It’s futuristic Blues, Industrial-laden Psychedelic Folk, or Rock from the year 3000 as he describes, and in this glimpse of the future we witness a post-apocalyptic world where Cactus Frank is the sole survivor, and only he can create music to bring him solace and to exorcise his solitude. The bass heavy pounding percussion, the deep synths, and the Bluesy guitars are all indicators that Frank isn’t here to make your Dad’s favorite Blues music. He’s imaginative both in his instrumentation and songwriting. The lyrics are poetically cryptic, ranging from songs named after Japanese celebrity Takeshi Kitano to vivid pictures of children playing football with a head they’ve found. Very much open for interpretation. Though the vocal mixing could be a little better, and though this sounds like only the beginning of what has the potential to be a fruitful career, this E.P. is immensely ambitious. What does the “Rampage Series” have in store? I have no idea, but I’m ready. 

Written By: Steven Sandoval 





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