Primus’ Debut Album “Frizzle Fry” Turns 30


On this day in 1990 “Primus” released their debut album Frizzle Fry. Following their live album Suck On This, one of the weirdest and most unique bands in Metal emerged with quite possibly their best album, Frizzle Fry. Though their following albums were also revered and essential, Frizzle Fry is seen by many, including lead singer/bassist Les Claypool himself to be the quintessential Primus album. It’s easy to see why. The funky bass lines that found Claypool creating his own distinct way of tapping and slapping, Larry LaLonde’s sweeping guitar harmonies, and Tim Alexander’s impressive polyrhythmic drums were at an all time high on this album, proving the band were a force to be reckoned with, a bizarre force that sounded like a demented but zany child birthed from Frank Zappa and “The Residents.” Though the band favored jamming over grandiose lyrical content, much of the album’s themes dealt with storytelling and the lampooning of consumerism and society as a whole, themes that became Primus’ forte. You’ll never hear another band like Primus. You may hear shades of their inspirations in their music, but they’ve impressively crafted a sound that is very much their own and can’t be emulated. Happy Anniversary!


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