Album Review: OvO – Miasma


Artist: OvO

Album: Miasma

Genre: Extreme Metal/Doom Metal

Label: Artoffact Records

Rating: 8/10

 Hailing from Italy, “OvO” aren’t exactly a new band. They’re veterans at this point. They’ve been making music since the early 2000’s, but the band still sound fresh with every release. When hearing their music it’s easy for one to assume that they’re hearing a four-piece band, but the shocking reality is that they’re a duo. As a matter of fact, their drummer Bruno Dorella only uses a floor tom, a snare, and a ride cymbal. This might sound crazy to you complexity obsessed “Metal” aficionados, but even though this band’s setup is minimal, their sound is far from minimal. It’s an intense assault of Hellish and demonic sounding music that never falls into a “Metal” parody, because instead of trying to sound sinister and brooding, the band genuinely sound like they’re exorcising demons and only they can utilize the sound they have created for themselves. Their new album Miasma is no exception. On this album the band do what they have been doing successfully for years, but this time around they sound even more ambitious, adding more reverbed out atmospherics that further build their cold and dark world, and they continue to incorporate electronics similar to what they were doing on their previous album Creatura. Lead singer Stefania Pedretti uses her gruesome vocals as an instrument, a sound that is a pivotal element to the band’s music, and her guitar and bass playing is noisy yet subtle enough to take you on a dark unsettling meditative journey. A journey that will not be for everyone, but it’s a journey nonetheless. The band have found a new way to reinvent themselves while staying true to their unique sound.

Written By: Steven Sandoval


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