Fleurt Shares New Song “Nihilist”


Nihilism has never sounded so upbeat. Today solo artist “Fleurt” has released a brand new song titled “Nihilist,” and it isn’t the dark and brooding affair the word is typically affiliated with in music. To contrast the wonderfully written feeling of loneliness and boredom, the song’s instrumentation consists of delicate bells, subtle but effective synths, and a minimal but upbeat electronic drum beat that evokes the spirit of “Indietronica.” This song couldn’t have arrived at a better time, because in this time where we are forced to self-isolate, we are stuck with ourselves and our own thoughts, and not all of us enjoy our own company. It’s easy to become envious of those fortunate enough to spend this time with a significant other, it’s easy to get stir crazy, and it’s easy to become completely bored of the hometown you’re stuck in, like the song says “I’m getting bored of New York.” Though the song’s content can come off as negative, Fleurt cleverly depicts the feeling of self-realization, and underneath it all there’s a real feeling of hope, not 100 percent succumbing to nihilism’s tendencies. This is a perfect example of how music, especially in this time, is immensely important. You can listen to “Nihilist” below:

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