Ganser Announce New Album “Just Look At That Sky,” Share New Song “Lucky”


Chicago band “Ganser” have announced that their new album Just Look At That Sky will be released on July 31st via “Felte Records.” Today the band have also shared their new single “Lucky,” a song that member Nadia Garofalo describes as “A commentary on personal feelings of inadequacy and how these feelings can often result in unhealthy or extreme behaviors.” “Lucky” also has a music video to accompany it, and the video appropriately depicts these stir crazy times we’re living in at the moment as two roommates in the video drink, drink, and drink some more, because what the Hell else is there to do? This is a video that much of us need to see. Many of us self-sabotage and succumb to self-destructive behavior, and the band depict this in a way that’s more reflective and less D.A.R.E. commercial. You can watch the music video for “Lucky” below:

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