Caribou’s “Swim” Turns 10


On this day in 2010 producer Dan Snaith released Swim under his “Caribou” moniker. This album found Snaith departing almost entirely from the “Neo-psychedelic” nature of his previous album Andorra, incorporating various sounds and production techniques associated with “House” music due to his growing interest in “Electronic” music. However, his attention to experimental detail is still present throughout this record as he combined the danceable sensibilities of minimal House with flute, guitar, and the reverbed effects that dominated Andorra.” Elaborating on the album’s title, Snaith has stated that he wanted the album to have a fluid sound to it, which he definitely achieved. This album can also be considered the quintessential album when it comes to his complete dive into “Electronic” music not only with “Caribou,” but also his second project he developed called “Daphni.” This album was a massive turning point for Snaith, and is one of the best “Electronic” albums of the 2010’s. Happy Anniversary!


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