E.P. Review: Blue Orchid Reaction – Four Chord Theory


Artist: Blue Orchid Reaction

EP: Four Chord Theory

Genre: Indie Rock/Post-Punk

Label: Self-released

Rating: 7/10

It’s rare when a band can capture the live experience in the studio. Four-piece band “Blue Orchid Reaction” have done it in a way that seems effortlessly on their new E.P. Four Chord Theory, but there is nothing half-assed about their music whatsoever, because the attention to structure and clean production is proof that the band ain’t screwing around. Four Chord Theory is a fitting title, because these songs are instrumentally simplistic, evoking the spirit of minimal “Indie Rock” and even “Post-Punk” that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Senses Working Overtime compilation, but the way these songs flow, the drive, and the passion are all complex. Not one beat or note is wasted as the band deliver a well thought out interplay with an ever-changing structure that never strays into patience testing repetition, and like I mentioned earlier, these are songs that you can just hear live. I mean, I dare you to not clap along to the track “Beta Makeup,” a Punk-driven track that was born to be played live, and considering our situation at the moment, not knowing when we’ll be able to see live bands again, music that gives you the illusion that you’re experiencing live music is just what us concert fiends need. This E.P. does feel like a tease, because the short length leaves you wanting more. It’s almost as if the band are cooking up something even better than the solid material they’ve given us so far, and i’m ready to hear it. Let’s see what you got next guys. No pressure.

Written By: Steven Sandoval



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