E.P. Review: Sacrilege – Grey Skies & Palm Trees


Artist: Sacrilege

EP: Grey Skies & Palm Trees

Genre: Hip Hop

Label: Self-released

Rating: 8/10

Just when I was starting to lose faith in contemporary Hip Hop, out from the underground emerges two Hip Hop scholars from the Central Valley to slap me back into reality. The reality being that Hip Hop with true artistry is far from dead, and this is a refreshing realization. With MC Zak Gutierrez A.K.A. Sacrilege and Aidan Lozano A.K.A. USB on production, Grey Skies & Palm Trees is just what Hip Hop fiends unsatisfied with the current Hip Hop landscape littered with generic Trap beats and mumble clones have been yearning for, but by no means does this E.P. carry an overbearing “old head” mentality. Instead, Sacrilege delivers introspective lyricism more focused on confronting his personal demons and past hardships to work toward a better tomorrow than telling us all how dope he is. He doesn’t need to tell us how dope he is. It’s clear the guy can fuck you up on the mic, and what better way to compliment his flow than to back him with “Boom Bap” dominated production that’s immaculately produced with an incredible attention to detail that’s distinct enough to separate itself from dusty old lo-fi beats of yesterday. This is music that evokes the spirit of underground Hip Hop of the 2000’s, but at the same time isn’t stuck in the past, and it’s clear that Sacrilege is on a mission to take Hip Hop back to a place of artistic integrity. This one’s for the culture. This is only the beginning.

Written By: Steven Sandoval

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