E.P. Review: Inalab – The Commons


Artist: Inalab

EP: The Commons

Genre: Orchestral/Electronic/Pop

Label: Self-released

Rating: 9/10

Hailing from New Delhi, musician Gaurav Balani has played with numerous musicians primarily playing bass, so he is an experienced musician who knows his away around collaborations, and his ambition most definitely shows on his debut E.P. The Commons under his project “Inalab.” Assembling musicians Shruti Dhasmana on vocals, Suyash Gabriel on drums, and Archit Anand and Shashank Singhania on keys and flute, Balani has composed a grandiose work of art that’s carefully constructed as opposed to sounding too self-indulgent. Rich in orchestral arrangements and a hint of Progressive Rock, The Commons fearlessly blends various genres and the result is an epic journey that contains a large cinematic tone. This E.P. ranges from jam band excitement to roaring songs with Dhasmana delivering soaring vocals that perfectly reflect the infectiously dramatic tone. There is never an empty space on this E.P. as the rhythm section manages to be distinct but never overbearing, the keys and sound textures add an Electronic element that brings forth a spacey and atmospheric tone, and the flute arrangements are undeniable as they soar majestically. Dhasmana’s powerful vocals grounds the music and makes it human contrasting the otherworldly sounds of the instrumentation. This is the perfect example of how a musical composition can be immensely detailed without sounding over-produced and can be translated flawlessly live, and that’s no easy feat. The Commons is some of the most inspired and utterly addictive music i’ve heard all year. I’m begging to hear more.

Written By: Steven Sandoval

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