Track Review: Tanya Nambiar – Stranger in Our Bed


Artist: Tanya Nambiar

Song: Stranger in Our Bed

Genre: Pop/R&B/Easy Listening

Label: Self-released

It’s that feeling of betrayal no one should ever have to face. That heartbreaking moment when you find out your lover has been unfaithful to you. Upon this discovery you can either unfairly blame yourself and ask what you did wrong while rage fills your heart as you try not to murder your significant other and the person they’re having an affair with, or you can realize your self-worth and take the high road as you break it off with your cheating partner and move on to a life of self-discovery and self-empowerment. New Delhi based artist Tanya Nambiar chooses the latter on her new single “Stranger in Our Bed.” Backed by lush and smooth instrumentation that features an easy listening blend of Pop, R&B, Funk, and Rock, Nambiar paints a vivid picture of this scenario with her ever so smooth vocals that are soulful and inspiring as she breaks it off with her partner as opposed to succumbing to rage. We’ve all heard countless songs about infidelity that are embedded in anger and vengeance, but it’s rare when we hear songs about said subject that are upbeat and hopeful in tone, and Nambiar tackles this subject in a way that feels universal. Even though many have thankfully not gone through this scenario, EVERYONE will feel something and identify with the message of self-empowerment, and that’s the sign of a true artist. A visionary that draws you in.

Written By: Steven Sandoval

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