Billie Eilish Shares New Song “My Future”


It really has been hard to view the future in a positive light during these COVID times. It’s easy to succumb to a defeatist attitude and expect the absolute worst, but none of us know what the future holds. What if it’s not as bad as we think? As naive as it may be to think the future is bright during these times, what if that’s the hope we truly need at the moment? Billie Eilish hasn’t given up hope, and in these times of dominant negativity, it’s refreshing to see an artist with the platform of hers to shed light on optimism. Today Billie Eilish released a new single we all need to hear. Titled “My Future,” the track is a love letter to self. A self-love anthem that encourages us all to find our value, and it was released just in time for her brother/collaborator Finneas’ birthday. They’re a great team, and it’s great to see that this pandemic isn’t stopping them from producing quality music. You can watch the music video for “My Future” below:


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