CMON Share New Single “Blu-ray Saturday”

It’s not exactly Saturday, but for some, everyday feels like a Saturday being cooped up at home due to social distancing. What do we do with all of this free time to ourselves? Well, some of us like to relax and watch movies all day, and if we’re lucky enough, with our loved ones. Some of us are losing our damn minds just aching for human interaction. Well, whatever your case may be, just remember you’re not alone. Listening to CMON’s new single “Blu-ray Saturday” captures that lazy but content feeling of being in the zone watching movies and relaxing. It’s definitely some of the band’s most laid back work with “Psychedelic” guitars, a very minimal beat, and soothing vocals that will make you want to stop living so fast and just enjoy the moment. This track is good for all moods. You can listen to “Blu-ray Saturday” below:

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