Ready, Steady, Die! Share New Music Video for “Vent”

We’re already in December and it seems like just yesterday I had the incredible pleasure of listening to the debut album of “Ready, Steady, Die!”for the first time. Their debut album Pleasure Ride was released in the beginning of January, which seems like ages ago considering it was a time when we had no idea we were all about to experience a pandemic like no other. The album hasn’t lost its impact though, and in some ways has become even more relevant mirroring our shifting moods due to our moments of isolation, uncertainty, and various coping methods bad or good. Today the band have shared a new beautifully shot in black and white music video for their track “Vent.” The video encapsulates our current state during this pandemic that doesn’t seem to have an ending. Both members Sam K and Morgan Visconti appear in the video but are distant from each other in which i’m assuming is in their own personal homes, but in the video they’re doing what many of us have been doing to stay sane, venting it out with their music and creativity. You can watch the music video for “Vent” below:

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