Lingua Ignota Shares New Single “PENNSYLVANIA FURNACE,” Announces New Album “SINNER GET READY”

Kristin Hayter is one of those rare artists who creates music strictly on their own terms. She uncompromisingly puts her heart and soul into everything she creates under her “Lingua Ignota” project, never wasting a second on insincerity. The way she explores the many facets of the human condition and human mind, the darker and more disturbing parts of humanity make themselves visible naturally, but in a way that feels therapeutic and rewarding as she exorcises her demons, so when she releases a new track, you can bet the song will either be a tearjerker that will render you an emotional mess, or a Hellish and disturbing experience that will scare the living shit out of even the toughest of metalheads. Today she has unveiled the details of her upcoming album SINNER GET READY, which will be released on August 6th via “Sargent House,” and the album’s first single “PENNSYLVANIA FURNACE” is of the tearjerker variety featuring Hayter’s hauntingly beautiful operatic vocals. You can watch the music video for “PENNSYLVANIA FURNACE” below:

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