Riki Shares New Music Video for “Florence & Selena”

We’re just two weeks away from the release of Riki’s upcoming album Gold, and while we wait, Riki has shared a stunning new music video for her track “Florence & Selena” for us to enjoy. The video is directed by Travis Waddell, and is as visually compelling as the song is sonically enticing. Gold will be released on November 26th via “Dais Records.” You can watch the music video for “Florence & Selena” below:

Merlyn Wood Shares New Single “S.Y.K.” featuring CONNIE

Being quite possibly the most eccentric member of “BROCKHAMPTON,” Merlyn Wood has had many of us aching for solo material, and now that day has finally arrived. Produced by CONNIE, Wood’s new single “S.Y.K.” is explosive, infectious, and rich in personality. Everything you would expect from MERLYN! You can watch the music video for “S.Y.K.” below:

Furrowed Brow Share New Single “The Endless Shouting Tomorrows”

You can always count on a band like “Furrowed Brow” to drop music that knows no bounds, which separates themselves from any of their contemporaries, even the ones that might welcome them with open arms. Why does this work in their favor? Well, they’re uncompromisingly themselves, less worried about building their “brand,” and more focused on exploring their endless wit and inventiveness comprised of sardonicism and commentary on the absurdity of our species. Their new single “The Endless Shouting Tomorrows” delves further into what makes them so enticing without straying into monotony. In fact, this is by far the most concerned the band have sounded viewing modern living through an isolated lens, but in doing this, the band maintain that element of dark humor that’s oh so delicious to feast on. You can listen to “The Endless Shouting Tomorrows” below:

Backxwash Shares New Song “ROSEMARY’S REVENGE”

Just in time for Halloween, Backxwash has released a new track titled “ROSEMARY’S REVENGE,” so don’t finish your Halloween playlist just yet, because this track is a Nu-Metal-dominated banger that you must include. The track was inspired by the lore of Rosemary, who is a ghost in Zambian folklore, and acts as a soundtrack to her told from the perspective of the men that came across her. You can listen to “ROSEMARY’S REVENGE” below:


Kylie Minogue and Jessie Ware Share New Single “Kiss of Life”

Following Kylie Minogue’s 2020 album Disco, as well as the 20th anniversary of her classic album Fever, and following Jessie Ware’s superb 2020 album What’s Your Pleasure? which recently received a deluxe release consisting of bonus bangers, the two queens of Disco have teamed up to create another dance floor -ready track that solidifies their status as modern Disco’s torch carriers. This is a collab we knew we needed, and seeing this come to fruition is a gift. The track is titled “Kiss of Life,” and you can listen to it below:

Maryze Shares New Music Video for “Squelettes” Featuring Backxwash

It’s Halloween season, which means you can count on Montreal-based Alt-Pop artist Maryze to bless us with something that reflects the delightfully dark and sinister nature of the beloved holiday. This year she has shared a brand new music video for her single “Squelettes” which features an infectiously confrontational verse from Backxwash, who has had a successful year following the release of her masterpiece I Lie Here Buried with My Rings and My Dresses. “Squelettes” was released last year, but still holds up as powerhouse of a track, and now we have a beautifully haunting music video rich in Gothic imagery to accompany it thanks to multidisciplinary artist Méchant Vaporwave. You can watch the music video for “Squelettes” below:

Riki Shares New Single “Florence and Selena”

Every time Riki releases new music it’s impossible not to swoon over her angelic vocals and impeccable attention to dreamy soundscapes consisting of retro synth-laden New Wave that explores a myriad of emotions. Her new single “Florence and Selena” is no departure, but the track offers a refreshing sense of balladry that’s absent from modern Pop music. The track will appear on her upcoming album Gold, which is set to drop on November 26th via “Dais Records.” You can listen to “Florence and Selena” below:

Ready, Steady, Die! Share New Single “Settle”

Following their immensely compelling debut album Pleasure Ride, British-American duo “Ready, Steady, Die!” have released a new single titled “Settle,” and this is their first piece of new music in over a year, with more on the horizon. What made their debut album so captivating was the myriad of emotions displayed over darkly angelic production, and the music never strayed into melodrama. Instead, the sentiment showcased was embedded in realism, self-reflection, and at times, uplifting ardor. It’s no surprise that their new single “Settle” walks down that same path, but in a way that isn’t reminiscent of their previous work. Instead it’s an expansion of the unique sound the duo have honed, with a promise of more surprises to come. Speaking on domestic violence, Ready, Steady, Die! aren’t interested in easing us into unsettling realities such as these, instead, the sentiment is clear, but in a way that can uplift those who go through it, as opposed to succumbing to defeat, and as I’ve said countless times, this is honesty that needs to be heard. You can watch the music video for “Settle” below:

Album Review: Broken Baby – Late Stage Optimism

Artist: Broken Baby

Album: Late Stage Optimism

Genre: Alternative Rock/Indie Rock/Post-Punk

Label: Poor Man Records

Rating: 8/10

There’s a bone I’ve got to pick with major music publications. For awhile now “Rock” and its countless subgenres have been neglected by your favorite cool and contemporary music blogs and publications, and this stems from the misguided belief that “rock is dead.” Now I’m not here to scream “Rock is not dead!” like a character straight out of a Wayne’s World movie, but the negligence that plagues the modern Rock world is more problematic than you think. Rock is not the zeitgeist, and it hasn’t been for over a decade. In fact, the last movement to reach commercial success other than the short-lived Garage Rock Revival scene of the early 2000s was the Nu-Metal movement, and I’m not even going to mention how embarrassing that is. This is problematic because the countless bands in the Rock world whether it be Post-Punk, Alternative Rock, Garage Rock, Punk Rock, Indie Rock etc. aren’t being pushed to the masses enough, and this failure falls on major streaming platforms and their poorly curated playlists, and most contemporary Rock stations whose heaviest or most cutting edge band they play is “Twenty One Pilots.” This unfortunately leads to less exposure. That isn’t to say Rock bands aren’t thriving in the underground. In fact, this gives countless bands the chance to garner a more devoted fan base, which will weed out the trend-hoppers, and the internet is so vast that you can discover as many bands as you want at anytime. I just would like to see more music publications providing a more in depth analysis when covering Rock bands. This has got me thinking that L.A. based duo “Broken Baby’s” new album Late Stage Optimism would have topped the charts had it been released in the 90s or early 2000s. Not that the album is derivative or overly nostalgic, but there was more of a respectful focus on Rock music in those times. However, don’t misconstrue my old man yells at cloud rant about contemporary Rock music as charity or a ploy to get you to feel sorry for Broken Baby and other bands of their like, because Broken Baby are doing just fine with their explosive, fun, thought-provoking, and infectious music. Their sophomore album Late Stage Optimism is their best work by far, and the perfect example of how to correctly combine attitude driven guitar Rock with Pop sensibilities. The Pop elements come from lead singer Amber Bollinger’s catchy as Hell vocals, and I do mean catchy. She has crafted some of the most sing-along-able choruses I’ve heard in a very long time, but along with those catchy hooks lies her sharp and witty lyrical content. These lyrics refuse to stay in one spot, they tackle important topics but the album never gets too bleak or serious, which may be a reflection on how we awkwardly approach touchy topics or try to exit certain conversations with a nervous laugh, and this might be a complete misinterpretation, but I feel like the frequent sense of humor on this album satirizes the try-hards out there who speak out against injustice but freeze up when confronted with the real deal. A track like “Madonna’s a Dick” has no business being that catchy given the fact that it’s about the unfair treatment women face in the entertainment business where they’re sexualized and faced with double standards, but if you want people to listen, sometimes you have to lure them in with straight-forward catchiness. However that sense of humor and sense of fun are far from performative, because it’s evident that the two have a natural sense of humor. Just listen to the opening track “Get the Piss Up” and you’ll know what I mean. The track is a celebration of those moments when you’re having the time of your life dancing and raging with friends. The catchiest track on the album “Manic Panic” has some clever wordplay that inspires me to write better, not to mention the line “Nada Surf with you” on the closing track “Hand Heat” still blows my mind. These multi-faceted lyrics have prompted me to over-analyze, and the journey has been frustrating and immensely enticing, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Is the track “Meaniac” about men victimizing themselves and labeling women “mean” when they don’t get what they want? Is the track “Cloud Coverage” about escapism and the many vices we use to bury vulnerability? Am I completely misinterpreting these songs? Am I really being over-analytical? All of these questions arise while the music sounds fully-fleshed out with just two primary members, and this is the result of guitarist and backing vocalist Alex Dezen’s eclectic guitar stylings. This is some of the most unique and utterly infectious guitar work I’ve heard on a record in quite a long time. I believe this album will forever remain timeless. Though it has elements of genres that will remind you of an older era, it still manages to sound modern and features topics that will remain relevant for a very long time, and who can deny the addicting personality this album offers? If there’s an album that can get the masses to pay attention to the Rock world it’s this one, and I feel like this is the step in the right direction, but don’t simply lump Broken Baby in a category, because Broken Baby are Broken Baby, and no one else.

Written By: Steven Sandoval

Converge, Chelsea Wolfe, and Stephen Brodsky Announce New Collaborative Album “Bloodmoon: I”

More often than not, the outcome of certain collaborations don’t quite work as well as the idea on paper, but there have been numerous instances where certain collaborations just flat-out make complete sense while all parties involved feel rejuvenated as they bounce ideas off each other and gain a new sense of inspiration. Judging from the new collaborative single by Converge, Chelsea Wolfe, Stephen Brodsky, and Ben Chisholm, it’s looking like this is going to be one of those collabs that works. All aforementioned musicians got together to create a collaborative album titled Bloodmoon: I, which will drop on November 19th via “Epitaph Records,” and the lead single “Blood Moon” is a brooding seven minute plus epic that gives us a taste of the journey we’re about to embark on with this album. You can watch the music video for ”Blood Moon” below: