A Perfect Circle’s “Mer De Noms” Turns 20


On this day in the year 2000 “A Perfect Circle” released their debut album Mer De Noms. “A Perfect Circle” was created by former guitar technician Billy Howerdel. Upon meeting singer of “TOOL” Maynard James Keenan, Howerdel and Keenan quickly became friends and even ended up becoming roommates. This gave Howerdel the chance to show Keenan his demos he had been working on, which impressed Keenan so much that he proposed the idea of singing over Howerdel’s tracks. After Adding bassist and violinist Paz Lenchantin, guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen, and drummer Tim Alexander who was soon replaced by Josh Freese, “A Perfect Circle” was fully formed. Don’t for one second think this is a supergroup or side project though, because the band have garnered their own fan base. Coming from a band as revered as “TOOL,” it must have been frustrating for Keenan to constantly hear people compare the two bands. Many wanted to hear “TOOL” part 2, but what we got was a whole new project that found Keenan showing a more melodic and emotional side that found the singer exploring themes of love and relationships as opposed to the analytical and often aggressive nature of “TOOL.” The goal to form a band that was as taken seriously and equal to “TOOL” was accomplished. “A Perfect Circle” still to this day have a large following of devoted fans. Happy Anniversary!


Track Review: The Earflower Experiment – Emerge (feat. Aman Saxena)


Artist: The Earflower Experiment

Song: Emerge (feat. Aman Saxena)

Genre: Alternative Rock/Psychedelic Rock/Indie Rock

Label: Self-released

New Delhi artist Astaaq Ahmed has proven himself to be an imaginative visionary with his project “The Earflower Experiment.” His music tells a story while he instrumentally delves into a myriad of genres that maintains his Psychedelic Folk style but isn’t limited as he incorporates clever production techniques and sound design. His new track “Emerge” featuring producer Aman Saxena solidifies his talent. On this track he metaphorically sings from the perspective of someone escaping an ocean as he nearly drowns, and this symbolizes getting out of a toxic relationship. While he sings over melancholy acoustic guitar, we hear waves and splashes from this metaphorical ocean as the track builds into a feeling of being reborn as he is now free. The track then smoothly transitions into a guitar lead final act that can be compared to a band like “Pink Floyd” as the Psychedelia makes itself more prominent and closes the book of this beautifully sentimental story. This is Ahmed at his most vulnerable, and yet he embraces the negative aspects of this relationship embedded in toxicity to recognize his self-worth. This is thoughtful music at its best.

Written By: Steven Sandoval




Puscifer Share New Song “Apocalyptical”


Maynard James Keenan is no stranger to the subject of the apocalypse or the end of the world. Just listen to TOOL’s “Aenima” and you’ll get an idea of his opinion on the matter. Now in 2020, a time where “the end of the world,” is unlikely but doesn’t sound far fetched as this pandemic separates the smart ones who heed the warnings from the toilet paper hoarders, Keenan faces this subject head-on with his band Puscifer’s new single “Apocalyptical.” This is the band’s first release in five years following the band’s last album Money Shot, and it features Keenan and fellow member Carina Round trading vocal duties as we’ve come to expect that of the band by now. This track is very “Puscifer” with Electronic-laden production combined with guitars and drums that sound very reminiscent of Peter Gabriel’s “Intruder.” It’s an interesting track, and the music video is even more interesting. You can watch the music video for “Apocalyptical” below:

Jehnny Beth Shares New Song “Heroine”


While we’re all patiently awaiting the release of Jehnny Beth’s debut solo album To Love Is To Live, Beth has shared another new track off the upcoming album titled “Heroine,” and it is an anthem of self-empowerment. About the song, Beth has stated “I guess I’m telling this story because sometimes we look around for role models, and examples to follow, without realizing that the answer can be hidden inside of us. I was afraid to be the heroine of the song, but it took all the people around me to get me there.” Her album To Love Is To Live will be released on June 12th. You can listen to “Heroine” below:

Track Review: VOODOO RADIO – Turn Out The Light



Song: Turn Out The Light

Genre: Power Punk/Hard Rock/Alternative Rock 

Label: Self-released

“Is Rock dead?” London-based “Power Punk” duo “VOODOO RADIO” would most likely answer that question with a confident “Sorry I can’t hear you over these tasty riffs.” Coming from the London underground, “VOODOO RADIO” are about as trendy as Eric Clapton. You won’t hear Trap hi-hats or auto-tune in their music, but instead of going against the grain from a “kids these days” perspective, their ambitions to Rock like the 70’s feels natural and it’s a rebellion that reminisces over the days of Rock past, but at the same time embraces the new school. I mean, they covered Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy,” go check it out if you can’t take my word for it. The band’s latest single “Turn Out The Light” solidifies their status as Rock & Roll scholars. Featuring member Tony’s guitar riffs that shift from heavy to bluesy to boozy with an astounding guitar solo, and lead singer Paige’s relentless and attitude-driven vocals along with her upbeat drum-work, this track is a fearless dive into Rock & Roll bliss as it sounds like the love child of “Van Halen” and “The Runaways.” These two are aware that Rock music can still be fun, and that there’s nothing wrong with a little escapism. Hell, we need that now more than ever, but instead of sounding like a novelty act, the band are just as serious as they are fun, because this isn’t Rock music to take lightly. If the band are already this skilled in songwriting and composition, just imagine how much further they can go with their talent. They definitely have my attention.


Written By: Steven Sandoval

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ “The Good Son” Turns 30


On this day in 1990 “Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds” released their album The Good Son, an album that many didn’t see coming. Much of the band’s work up until that point had been dark and unapologetically graphic, but the The Good Son had a shift in tone. It was more mature musically due to Nick Cave’s time in Brazil where he fell in love, and also following his time in rehab. The album features Nick Cave’s signature vivid storytelling, but much of these stories were told through a melancholy and romantic lens that drew parallels between the song’s characters and characters of biblical stories. This album solidified Cave’s status as one of music’s most unique and imaginative songwriters. Happy Anniversary.


Nine Inch Nails Release New Album “Ghosts V-VI”


“Anybody out there?” asks Trent Reznor as he and Atticus Ross casually drop a new “Nine Inch Nails” album. The band’s new album is titled Ghosts V-VI, and it is a continuation of the Ghosts series they dropped for free back in 2008. Like Ghosts I-IV, the new installments of the series are available for free on the band’s website. Reznor has described the album as “Some of it kind of happy, some not so much.” You can download  Ghosts V-VI from the link below: