Death Grips Release New Track “Flies”


Every week since May 5th “Death Grips” have been releasing new tracks from their upcoming album Year of the Snitch, and now the band have released yet another new track titled “Flies,” and this time there’s a music video to accompany the new single. There still is no release date for the new album, but it looks like it’s going to drop very soon. Watch the video below:

Death Grips Share New Track “Streaky”


It’s no secret that “Death Grips” are unpredictable, and ever since the band announced that they will release a new album soon titled “Year of the Snitch,” fans have been impatiently waiting for just a release date. Well, we still don’t have a release date, but today out of the blue the band released a new track from the album titled “Streaky.” It’s a little more tame compared to their signature abrasion, but this is still “Death Grips” through and through. You can listen to the track below:

Death Grips Unveil “Year of the Snitch” Album Cover


Death Grips have unveiled the cover for their upcoming album Year of the Snitch, and in true Death Grips fashion it is uncomfortable, repulsive, and damn captivating. Year of the Snitch still has no release date, but the album is “Coming soon” according to the band.


Written By: Steven Sandoval

Date: 04/06/18

Death Grips Announce New Album “Year of the Snitch”


Death Grips have announced on their website and all over social media that their new album titled Year of the Snitch will be dropping soon. Just recently pics of the band in the studio with unlikely collaborators have surfaced online. Collaborators from the likes of Shrek director Andrew Adamson and “Tool’s” bassist Justin Chancellor. This release will follow last year’s Steroids (Crouching Tiger Hidden Gabber Megamix) and it will be their first full-length album since 2016’s Bottomless Pit. This new album can drop anytime now, because judging from the band’s past, they will release it whenever they damn well please. Maybe even tonight perhaps? You never know.