Hammare Share New Single “Here Comes Trouble”


Following the release of their fantastic single “God Is Doing blow” back in 2018, Swedish duo “Hammare” have been hard at work releasing a single a year, and though that may seem like very little in this fast-paced streaming age of music we now live in, just remember, quality music takes time to create and has more longevity than mediocre songs that are pumped out just for the sake of staying relevant. This year we have been blessed with not one but two new “Hammare” songs. “In Back of the Real” was the first, and now the band have released the follow-up titled “Here Comes Trouble,” and as you’ve probably already guessed by the song titles, the band aren’t here to play it safe. At this point we know the band aren’t going to sugarcoat things. Their lyrical content reflects on the human condition and the ridiculous things that divide us when we should be more empathetic and accepting of each other. The band’s view on this can be from a dark and cynical lens, but instead of sounding defeated, they’re saying “We can do better.” “Here Comes Trouble” maintains that same tone, but this is the band’s most danceable track yet with Industrial-laden production consisting of discombobulating synth arpeggios, a funky as Hell bassline, and Desert Rock guitars that wouldn’t sound out of place on a “Queens of the Stone Age” record. You can listen to “Here Comes Trouble” below:

Puscifer Share New Song “Apocalyptical”


Maynard James Keenan is no stranger to the subject of the apocalypse or the end of the world. Just listen to TOOL’s “Aenima” and you’ll get an idea of his opinion on the matter. Now in 2020, a time where “the end of the world,” is unlikely but doesn’t sound far fetched as this pandemic separates the smart ones who heed the warnings from the toilet paper hoarders, Keenan faces this subject head-on with his band Puscifer’s new single “Apocalyptical.” This is the band’s first release in five years following the band’s last album Money Shot, and it features Keenan and fellow member Carina Round trading vocal duties as we’ve come to expect that of the band by now. This track is very “Puscifer” with Electronic-laden production combined with guitars and drums that sound very reminiscent of Peter Gabriel’s “Intruder.” It’s an interesting track, and the music video is even more interesting. You can watch the music video for “Apocalyptical” below:

Jehnny Beth Shares New Song “Heroine”


While we’re all patiently awaiting the release of Jehnny Beth’s debut solo album To Love Is To Live, Beth has shared another new track off the upcoming album titled “Heroine,” and it is an anthem of self-empowerment. About the song, Beth has stated “I guess I’m telling this story because sometimes we look around for role models, and examples to follow, without realizing that the answer can be hidden inside of us. I was afraid to be the heroine of the song, but it took all the people around me to get me there.” Her album To Love Is To Live will be released on June 12th. You can listen to “Heroine” below:

Nine Inch Nails Release New Album “Ghosts V-VI”


“Anybody out there?” asks Trent Reznor as he and Atticus Ross casually drop a new “Nine Inch Nails” album. The band’s new album is titled Ghosts V-VI, and it is a continuation of the Ghosts series they dropped for free back in 2008. Like Ghosts I-IV, the new installments of the series are available for free on the band’s website. Reznor has described the album as “Some of it kind of happy, some not so much.” You can download  Ghosts V-VI from the link below:


Jehnny Beth Announces Debut Solo Album “To Love Is To Live,” Shares New Song “Flower”


Jehnny Beth of Post-Punk group “Savages” has announced the release of her debut solo album which will be released on May 8th via “Caroline Records.” The album is titled To Love Is To Live, and that’s a title much of us need to hear right now. Along with the announcement, Beth gave us some heartfelt words. “Life’s so strange. Today is the day of my album announcement and I’m on a train to see my dad who’s spent the last two days in intensive care. I was supposed to be in LA to promote the album this week but decided to be with family instead. When I started making this record all I could think about was the impermanence of life, that I had to do this before it’s too late, and here I am now sitting on a train telling you that my album is coming and it’s called TO LOVE IS TO LIVE. Today those words resonate more than ever. There isn’t really anything else in life is it? only love, only love will remain.” Today Beth has also shared a new single off the upcoming album titled “Flower.” You can listen to the track below:

Album Review: Ready, Steady, Die! – Pleasure Ride


Artist: Ready, Steady, Die!

Album: Pleasure Ride

Genre: Electronic/Electronic Rock/Dream Pop

Label: Human Label

Rating: 8/10

We all have our own little pleasure rides. Aren’t we all frequently in search of an ecstasy that will alleviate the inconvenient pains life forces us to endure? More often than not we become addicted to the things that bring us that ecstasy, and i’m not just talking about drugs. Many of us are addicted to sex, caffeine, food, shopping, our phones, social media, pornography, and whatever the Hell else brings us temporary happiness. Now i’m not here to wave my finger, because I too am an ecstasy addict, (not the drug guys, calm down) and the biggest addiction I have is music. God that was corny, but hear me out. Don’t we all like music? I mean, you like music. That’s why you’re reading this right now. Isn’t music the biggest addiction we all have that is completely harmless? Well, unless you listen to your music full-blast through your earbuds. Seriously, take care of your ears guys. When an artist can perfectly hit the nail on the head of the mental and emotional strains we have to deal with on a daily basis, it truly is something special. British-American duo “Ready, Steady, Die!” have crafted an impressive debut album that faces these day-to-day emotions with honest lyrical content and dark but infectious instrumentation. Based between London and New York, the duo consists of members Sam K (composer, vocals) and Morgan Visconti (composer, producer, vocals) who is the son of legendary producer Tony Visconti, and their debut album Pleasure Ride is an immaculately produced album that features shades of the moody grooves of Trip Hop, the walls of distant wailing guitars that inhabit Dream Pop, and the futuristic sounds of Post-Industrial, and I can’t help but picture much of these songs in a David Lynch movie. As familiar as these sounds are, the duo manage to create a style that is very much their own. The instrumentation is otherworldly, but the subject matter is very much of this world. Much of the content deals with self-affliction, self-discovery, and self-acceptance. Ranging from the realization of when someone or something is toxic, and separating yourself is the best remedy, (When Hell Freezes Over) to exposing the hurtful selfishness of others, (Vent) all of these songs are expressed in a hopeful tone that wonderfully contrasts the moody nature of the music, and Sam K’s captivating vocals can range from angelic to sinister, leaving the listener an emotional mess, but a satisfied mess. As inward-looking as much of these songs are, there are standout tracks that look outward such as “The Know,” a song about those who obsessively search for truth. We all know those people, conspiracy theorists, people constantly searching for the truth, truths that are supposedly hidden from us by the government, or maybe and exclusive group of people you know whom you desperately try to discover what they truly think of you, or maybe you’re trying to find the true meaning of life. You can stumble on clues, you can have a peak inside to make sense of all this chaos, but you’ll never be inside the know. “The Know” is as thought-provoking as it is eerie with it’s atmospheric synths, soundscapes, and Hellish guitars, but the song is impressively catchy with it’s groovy bass line and pulsating drum machines topped with Sam K and Morgan Visconti’s perfectly in unison vocals. The title track “Pleasure Ride” is an epic piece that perfectly sums up our addictions to help us forget our mental and emotional strains. “This lack of drive from nine to five is starting to get to me. I take my pill that keeps me ill but makes for a better journey” sings Sam K as she expresses the many things we can all relate to, and that’s that brutal honesty and self-realization in music that much of us need to hear, because much of the music that plagues the airwaves isn’t honest. I mean, I get it, most people use music as a form of escapism, but what good is any form of art if it doesn’t make you think or question yourself or the world? Yes, not all art has to be littered with existentialism and melancholia, but art that features these subjects is usually the most genuine, and “Ready, Steady, Die!” understand that along with the bursts of happiness and optimism we get in life, we have our nightmarish and disturbing moments. There’s no light without the dark, and this band is here to force you to experience that dichotomy. As impressive as this album is, it still feels like a starting-point for the band, which it is, it’s their debut album, but their magnum opus is yet to be achieved, and I have no doubt that they’ll reach that. As ambitious and multi-faceted as this debut is, I feel like they have much more to offer, and given that this is the first of three albums that will be released as a trilogy, the band have room to experiment even further. I’m looking forward to this trilogy.

Written By: Steven Sandoval