Kylie Minogue and Jessie Ware Share New Single “Kiss of Life”

Following Kylie Minogue’s 2020 album Disco, as well as the 20th anniversary of her classic album Fever, and following Jessie Ware’s superb 2020 album What’s Your Pleasure? which recently received a deluxe release consisting of bonus bangers, the two queens of Disco have teamed up to create another dance floor -ready track that solidifies their status as modern Disco’s torch carriers. This is a collab we knew we needed, and seeing this come to fruition is a gift. The track is titled “Kiss of Life,” and you can listen to it below:

Maryze Shares New Music Video for “Squelettes” Featuring Backxwash

It’s Halloween season, which means you can count on Montreal-based Alt-Pop artist Maryze to bless us with something that reflects the delightfully dark and sinister nature of the beloved holiday. This year she has shared a brand new music video for her single “Squelettes” which features an infectiously confrontational verse from Backxwash, who has had a successful year following the release of her masterpiece I Lie Here Buried with My Rings and My Dresses. “Squelettes” was released last year, but still holds up as powerhouse of a track, and now we have a beautifully haunting music video rich in Gothic imagery to accompany it thanks to multidisciplinary artist Méchant Vaporwave. You can watch the music video for “Squelettes” below:

Ready, Steady, Die! Share New Single “Settle”

Following their immensely compelling debut album Pleasure Ride, British-American duo “Ready, Steady, Die!” have released a new single titled “Settle,” and this is their first piece of new music in over a year, with more on the horizon. What made their debut album so captivating was the myriad of emotions displayed over darkly angelic production, and the music never strayed into melodrama. Instead, the sentiment showcased was embedded in realism, self-reflection, and at times, uplifting ardor. It’s no surprise that their new single “Settle” walks down that same path, but in a way that isn’t reminiscent of their previous work. Instead it’s an expansion of the unique sound the duo have honed, with a promise of more surprises to come. Speaking on domestic violence, Ready, Steady, Die! aren’t interested in easing us into unsettling realities such as these, instead, the sentiment is clear, but in a way that can uplift those who go through it, as opposed to succumbing to defeat, and as I’ve said countless times, this is honesty that needs to be heard. You can watch the music video for “Settle” below:

Kelley Cole Shares New Single “Anyone”

Hailing from Nashville Tennessee, Kelley Cole has released her debut single “Anyone,” and it’s a synth-heavy bop ready to pack the dance floor with its smooth Funk-dominated swagger. The track was written and produced by Cole herself, indicating the possibility of her becoming an influential producer in the Pop world. She is definitely an artist to watch. You can listen to “Anyone” below:

Lucky Iris Share New Single “Coffee Shop”

We all have them. Our favorite spots to hang out. Whether it be coffee shops, bars, venues, or diners, it’s part of the human experience to get out and meet people, have conversations, or even people watch as you gaze at someone you find attractive, intriguing, or maybe someone who is obnoxiously making a scene, whatever the case may be, these are the things, good or bad, that make us human. These are the things we’ve grown accustomed to, but what happens when all of that is taken away from us? That’s what we were forced to endure last year during lockdown. The importance of human interaction made itself more clear than ever, making us realize we took these things for granted. However, that isolation lead to self-reflection for many of us, and prompted countless artists to create such profound art, artists such as “Lucky Iris.” Inspired by their desire to get out into the world again, the Leeds duo created a dance floor ready banger rich in Electro-Pop and Disco titled “Coffee Shop,” and the track reflects on those times of normalcy, inspiring us to slow down and savor these times as they slowly return. The track was produced by Ed Heaton, and mixed by Lee Smith. You can listen to “Coffee Shop” below:

Riki Announces New Album “Gold,” Shares New Single “Marigold”

Following her self-titled debut, which was released last year on St. Valentine’s Day, Riki is set to drop her follow-up album Gold on November 26th via “Dais Records.” The Los Angeles-based artist has also shared a new single titled “Marigold,” which is a duet featuring Telefon Tel Aviv co-founder Josh Eustis, who helped produce the album as well. “Marigold” carries on that dreamy synth-driven New Romantic sound that delightfully lit up her previous album, but the track pulls no punches when delivering an atmospheric tone with reverb-drenched guitars that will transport you to the days of old where New Wave was dominant. However, Riki is more intent on breathing new life into these genres, as opposed to being overly nostalgic, showing there’s much to be explored in these musical realms. You can listen to “Marigold” below:

Dare Above Nemo Shares New Single “Synergy”

Following his addicting debut E.P. Mimic, Ethan Attwood-Summers under his “Dare Above Nemo” project has shared a follow-up single titled “Synergy,” and it’s just as infectious as his previous work. Continuing the synth-dominated style of Mimic, “Synergy” is a sensual exploration of the hybrid of Dream Pop and Bedroom Pop that Ethan Attwood-Summers has crafted so brilliantly. You can listen to “Synergy” below:

Xeno & Oaklander Share New Single “Poison”

Reveling in the retro nostalgia of Italo-disco, Synth-pop/Cold Wave duo “Xeno & Oaklander’s new single “Poison” is a celebration of a sub-genre of Electronic music that isn’t exactly fresh and new, but my God isn’t it nice to revisit what once was an emerging music scene, and to be reminded of the impact short-lived and obscure music can have on a genre so ever-changing and vast such as EDM. “Poison” is undeniably catchy, and the music video which was co-directed by visual artist Scott Kiernan evokes the spirit of Giallo Horror with Suspiria-influenced visuals that compliment the nature of the music quite well. The track will appear on the duo’s upcoming album Vi/deo, which is scheduled to be released on October 22nd via “Dais Records.” You can watch the music video for “Poison” below:

BLISS MY HEART Shares New Single “Reason To Dust” featuring Eric Jayk

Following her deeply personal and immensely powerful single “Latigo Canyon,” French musician “BLISS MY HEART” has released her follow-up “Reason To Dust.” Featuring Eric Jayk of the band “Wildstreet,” the track is rich in melancholic balladry with luscious and dreamy production. You can listen to “Reason To Dust” below:

Xeno and Oaklander Announce New Album “Vi/deo,” Share New Single “Infinite Sadness”

Like much of the music that’s being released this year, Synth-Pop duo “Xeno & Oaklander’s” upcoming album Vi/deo was conceived during the pandemic in the duo’s home studio. Though 2020 and still much of 2021 are the years of isolation and desolation, it’s interesting hearing all of the music that encapsulates these trying times. Simply put it, pandemic music hits different, and “Xeno & Oaklander” have returned to grace us with their signature retro, but futuristic style heavy on analog synthesizers and pulsating grooves that sound both robotic, but human enough to prompt one to move their feet. Vi/deo is the duo’s seventh studio album, and will be released on October 22nd via “Dais Records.” You can listen to the album’s first single “Infinite Sadness” below: