Furrowed Brow Share New Single “The Endless Shouting Tomorrows”

You can always count on a band like “Furrowed Brow” to drop music that knows no bounds, which separates themselves from any of their contemporaries, even the ones that might welcome them with open arms. Why does this work in their favor? Well, they’re uncompromisingly themselves, less worried about building their “brand,” and more focused on exploring their endless wit and inventiveness comprised of sardonicism and commentary on the absurdity of our species. Their new single “The Endless Shouting Tomorrows” delves further into what makes them so enticing without straying into monotony. In fact, this is by far the most concerned the band have sounded viewing modern living through an isolated lens, but in doing this, the band maintain that element of dark humor that’s oh so delicious to feast on. You can listen to “The Endless Shouting Tomorrows” below:

Album Review: HMLTD – West of Eden


Artist: HMLTD

Album: West of Eden

Genre: Art Pop/Synth-Pop/Post-Punk/Electronic/Glam Rock

Label: Lucky Number

Rating: 9/10

After waiting for what felt like an eternity, “HMLTD” have finally released their debut album West of Eden. Following their string of genre-bending singles dating as far back as 2016, it’s impressive to see how much the band have evolved. They once were the band to watch, the band at the top of everyone’s “up and comer” list, garnering a following with their energetic live shows and refusal to stay in one lane as far as genres go. You can hear elements of Synth-Pop, Post-Punk, Electronic, Goth, and their sound is topped off with immense theatricality thanks to lead singer Henry Spychalski’s raucous vocals that are as colorful as they are ear-splitting, and let’s not forget the band’s glamorous look that is equal parts Marilyn Manson and Club Kid. After years and years of anticipation, a large chunk of singles, a Synth-Pop heavy EP, and the unfortunate dropping of the band from “Sony Music,” the band’s debut album had to live up to a high expectation, and my God does it live up to it. Upon first listen, the surprise factor may be absent with some songs due to the fact that we’ve been listening to them for years. “To the Door,” “Satan, Luella, & I,” and “Death Drive,” were all released before we even knew the name of the album, (or if an album was coming out for that matter) but compiled with the album’s newer deep cuts, the songs flow nicely within the context of the album, and they never feel like filler tracks. West of Eden has a consistent “Western” style to it, sounding like a Glammed-out Ennio Morricone, and it’s fitting seeing as how much of the album’s material is a rejection of Western culture and social norms, and the band abrasively yet fabulously tackle these themes. Think “Death Grips” with glitter. As important as these themes are to the band, they never lose their sense of fun or sense of humor. With lyrics like “I sold my soul to The Devil tonight because I was pretty fucking poor” on the track “Loaded” and the graphically absurd telling of the murder of an imaginary friend on “Where’s Joanna?” the band aren’t afraid to confuse you with lush and innovative “Pop” that will make you laugh and sing-along while you question your morals. So what makes this album so important? it’s musically forward-thinking, introducing the “Pop” world to a myriad of experimental ideas, it’s well-produced and cleverly blends genres that don’t normally go together, and it has a Rock star personality that throws out the testosterone-filled, misogynistic, and macho clichés that have poisoned the genre in favor of introducing new ideas of feminism, rejection of tradition, and sentiment. Not to mention, these songs are catchy as Hell.

Written By: Steven Sandoval

Rx27 Share New Single “Chasing Crazy”


What the fuck is Rx27? They’re your new favorite band. They’re a band that brings both the bark and the bite back to Rock & Roll. They’re up and coming, but the band consists of musicians that have been around for quite some time playing in numerous bands hailing from New York City to Hollywood. The band’s attention to the craft of songwriting, promotional skills, and forward thinking drive all make their veteran status evident, and they’ve only released two songs! The first, “Gasoline” is a Punk banger featuring legendary guitarist Rikk Agnew. On their second single “Chasing Crazy” the band shouts “Fuck! Forever!” Could this be an encouragement to embrace the fact that we’re all sexual beings and that giving in to our lustful nature shouldn’t be painted in such a negative light? Or is this a reality check for all the people brainwashed by love stories, love songs, and Valentine’s Day into thinking that there is such thing as a romance that lasts forever? Or is it really a love song, a realistic love song that informs us that it’s okay to be unsure of things or to be unsure of how long things will last, and to just live and love in the moment and take it day by day? Is it all of the above? The fact that i’m asking these questions should be enough proof that along with the band’s fun spirit of Glam Goth/Punk that’s as sexy as it is uncompromising, we’re treated to thought-provoking subject matter that holds up a mirror to society and urges us to question all we’ve known, and the band prove that you can have fun while thinking about these things, because this a catchy as Hell anthem. Realistic love songs, it’s rare when we hear those. You can watch the music video for “Chasing Crazy” below: