Converge, Chelsea Wolfe, and Stephen Brodsky Announce New Collaborative Album “Bloodmoon: I”

More often than not, the outcome of certain collaborations don’t quite work as well as the idea on paper, but there have been numerous instances where certain collaborations just flat-out make complete sense while all parties involved feel rejuvenated as they bounce ideas off each other and gain a new sense of inspiration. Judging from the new collaborative single by Converge, Chelsea Wolfe, Stephen Brodsky, and Ben Chisholm, it’s looking like this is going to be one of those collabs that works. All aforementioned musicians got together to create a collaborative album titled Bloodmoon: I, which will drop on November 19th via “Epitaph Records,” and the lead single “Blood Moon” is a brooding seven minute plus epic that gives us a taste of the journey we’re about to embark on with this album. You can watch the music video for ”Blood Moon” below:

Portrayal of Guilt and Chat Pile Release Split 7″

Austin, Texas-based band “Portrayal of Guilt” released an absolute monster of an album earlier this year titled We Are Always Alone, which featured their usual infectious blend of genres primarily affiliated with the Metal or Hardcore scene, Genres that don’t usually intertwine, but the band dispelled all elitism with the record, informing us that there are parallels between these genres that shouldn’t go unnoticed, and that we can all co-exist while we watch the world burn. Oklahoma-based band “Chat Pile” released two unsettling but enticing EPs back in 2019 that flourished on the uneasy state of the human condition. Incredibly manic, dark, and devoid of joy, which if you’re like me, brings you intense feelings of satisfaction, and….. joy. Funny how that works. “Chat Pile” are hard at work on their debut full-length album, which won’t be released till next year, but today the band along with “Portrayal of Guilt” have gifted us new music. A split 7″ released via “Portrayal of Guilt’s” own record label “Portrayal of Guilt Records.” The aforementioned parallels between genres such as Hardcore, Punk, Black Metal, Screamo, and with “Chat Pile” in the mix, Doom, Sludge, and Noise Rock are on full display on this release. You can listen to, as well as purchase the split 7″ below:

Poppy Announces New Album “Flux,” Shares Title Track

Poppy is quickly becoming one of the most prolific solo artists in the music world today. Last year she released her impeccably produced album I Disagree, covered t.A.T.u’s “All the Things She Said,” released an expanded version of I Disagree, released her heavily Ambient soundtrack Music to Scream To, released a Christmas EP, and just this year she has released her EAT EP for WWE’s “NXT” program, and shared a fantastic cover of Jack Off Jill’s “Fear of Dying.” Well, looks like we’re going to continue to eat well, because Poppy has announced that she will release a new full-length album titled Flux on September 24th via “Sumerian Records.” The album will feature her previously released single “Her,” as well as the title track, which was just released today. You can watch the music video for “Flux” below:

Poppy Announces Expanded Album “I Disagree (more)”


Today Poppy has announced the release of a new expanded edition of her recent album I Disagree titled I Disagree (more.) The album will drop August 14th via “Sumerian Records,” and will feature four bonus tracks “If It Bleeds,” “Bleep Bloop,” “Khaos x4,” and “Don’t Ask.” She has shared the track “Khaos x4,” and it continues the enticing combination of Metal and Pop that I Disagree offered. You can listen to “Khaos x4” below:

Album Review: Poppy – I Disagree


Artist: Poppy

Album: I Disagree

Genre: Pop/Nu-Metal/Metalcore/Industrial Metal

Label: Sumerian Records

Rating: 9/10

 Whenever an artist announces that they’ll release a new album consisting of sounds from a genre they’re not primarily known for, it’s hard not to be skeptical or roll your eyes upon hearing the news. There’s always that chance that the outsider not versed in the genre will regurgitate stereotypes and package it as whatever genre they’re going for. So when word caught on that musician and internet sensation “Poppy” was going to release a heavier and darker album, it unsurprisingly divided the fans that loved her sugary “Alt Pop” and immediately prompted “Metal” elitists to throw a fit, but what seemed like something that would fall into parody turned out to be rather impressive. Fucking incredible to be honest. I’ve been aware of Poppy. Though I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a fan of her previous work, i’ve always respected the unusual and artistic take on her own brand of “Pop,” and even the strange David Lynch-esque nature of her internet videos. Her new album I Disagree wasn’t necessarily a priority for me and after how stacked this year has already been so far with new releases I honestly and ashamedly had forgotten about it, but after much buzz I finally listened to it, and I was pleasantly surprised. This is the most accomplished fusion of Metal, Pop, and Electronic Music i’ve heard in a very long time. This album works on so many levels. It’s undeniably heavy, drawing influences from “Metalcore” and “Nu-Metal,” it’s immensely polished with pristine yet filthy production that incorporates elements of “Dubstep” and “Industrial,” and Poppy’s “burn shit down” attitude combined with a sense of maturity, optimism, and animated yet lush vocals are a recipe for success. Another reason why this album works is that Poppy doesn’t sound like she’s trying to sound “Metal.” She’s not throwing up devil horns while wearing a pentagram t-shirt. Instead she’s just being Poppy, a darker Poppy yes, but this progression feels genuine. Though lyrically simplistic, Poppy’s intentions are clear. They’re to inspire. To inspire us to be true to ourselves, to question authority, to be free, and to innovate, and not once does it come off as corny. To all the Metalheads that will dismiss her as a “poser” or disingenuous, think of it this way, she never actually said she was making a “Metal” album, she’s just incorporating a darker sound while showcasing her love for all things “Metal,” and by default the album is undeniably “Metal” and drags the genre kicking and screaming out of it’s element. The fact that it takes someone who’s primarily known for “Pop” to do that says a lot about your refusal to evolve. Poppy is going to do Poppy, unafraid of backlash, and that’s utterly inspiring. 

Written By: Steven Sandoval


Black Sabbath’s Self-titled Debut Album Turns 50


On this day in 1970 “Black Sabbath” released their self-titled debut album. This it it folks, this is the album that pioneered the sound of “Heavy Metal,” and it’s widely acknowledged as the first true blue “Metal” album. It’s easy to see why. Everything about this album paved the way for a lot of common tropes of the genre. The opening track “Black Sabbath” is “Doom Metal” through and through, the lyrical themes of Lucifer and the occult that are commonly affiliated with some of the more dark sub-genres of “Metal” are here, and just look at the cover art, that’s “Black Metal” and “Gothic” imagery if I ever did see it, but what really single-handedly invented the genre is without a doubt Tony Iommi’s guitar style. When Iommi was 17 years old he sliced the tips off two of his fingers while working at a sheet metal factory. Refusing to give up playing guitar, Iommi made prosthetic tips out of melted plastic bottles and detuned his guitar because the looser strings were easier to play, and with much distortion Iommi created the pivotal “Metal” guitar sound that you hear in every “Metal” song today. Albums that are the first of it’s kind are rare, and here is the album that everyone in the genre of “Heavy Metal” music owes a lot to. Happy Anniversary.


Code Orange Share New Song “Swallowing The Rabbit Whole”


Code Orange are set to release their new album UNDERNEATH on March 13th via “Roadrunner Records,” and today the band gave us another taste of the upcoming album. Titled “Swallowing The Rabbit Whole,” the song is just as vicious and rage-filled as the title suggests, and is incredibly experimental with odd time signatures and of course features an incorporation of Electronic/Industrial. The music video is just as explosive and creative. You can watch the music video below:


Code Orange Announce New Album “UNDERNEATH,” Share Title Track


Metalcore innovators “Code Orange” have returned, unveiling the details of their upcoming album UNDERNEATH which will be released on March 13th via “Roadrunner Records.” The band have also shared the album’s title track, and in true Code Orange fashion, the track combines their own heavy brand of Metalcore with Industrial-laden electronics and moody atmosphere, a sound that separates them from their peers. With an infectious interplay between vocalists Reba Meyers and Jami Morgan, it’s looking like the album’s track’s aren’t looking to sit still in one corner, and who better to bring a refreshing sound to the genre’s stagnant predictability than Code Orange? You can watch the music video for UNDERNEATH below:

Portrayal of Guilt and Soft Kill Release Split 7”


On the heels of their fantastic new E.P. Suffering is a Gift, Punk band “Portrayal of Guilt” have released more music with the band “Soft Kill” on a new 7” via “Closed Casket Activities.” Portrayal of Guilt’s track “Sacrificial Rite” is a tumultuous howl of doom that blends elements of both Punk and Metal, whereas Soft Kill’s track “Tin Foil Drip” is a lush and melodic shoegazey tune. You can stream as well as purchase the new 7” below:

Tool Release New Song “Fear Inoculum”


It’s finally happening! No really, it’s happening. “Tool” have returned with their first piece of new music since their last album 10,000 Days, which came out 13 years ago. The track is titled “Fear Inoculum,” and it’s the title track of their upcoming album set to be released on August 30th. The 10 minute song sounds very much like a Tool song. It’s heavy, drony, tribal, and epic. Would you expect any less from Tool? It’s been a big year for Tool fans. The band’s whole back catalogue is now available on all streaming services AND we’re getting a new album? The memes have officially ended. Tool’s back. You can listen to “Fear Inoculum” below: