Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ “The Good Son” Turns 30


On this day in 1990 “Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds” released their album The Good Son, an album that many didn’t see coming. Much of the band’s work up until that point had been dark and unapologetically graphic, but the The Good Son had a shift in tone. It was more mature musically due to Nick Cave’s time in Brazil where he fell in love, and also following his time in rehab. The album features Nick Cave’s signature vivid storytelling, but much of these stories were told through a melancholy and romantic lens that drew parallels between the song’s characters and characters of biblical stories. This album solidified Cave’s status as one of music’s most unique and imaginative songwriters. Happy Anniversary.


Swans Announce New Album “Leaving Meaning”


Following 2016’s exhausting but enlightening journey through the body, mind, and soul we call The Glowing Man, “Swans” will return with their new album Leaving Meaning on October 25th via Young God Records/Mute. The album was written and produced by sole member Michael Gira with collaborations with Thor Harris, Norman Westberg, Ben Frost, The Necks, Baby Dee, Jennifer Gira, and Anna and Maria von Hausswolff. The band have also shared a new track off the upcoming album titled “It’s Coming It’s Real.” You can listen to the track below: