Tarah Who? Share New Single “Manners”

“Tarah Who?” have been on a roll this year so far. Not too long ago they released their superb rage-filled song about the unfair treatment most of us face in the workplace titled “Swallow That Pill,” and today the band have released their follow-up single “Manners.” This track is less aggressive in nature, but no less impactful than “Swallow That Pill.” The song is inspired by lead singer Tarah Carpenter’s mother who was abandoned as a child and raised by nuns who were really strict. “She always puts herself last and tries to understand everyone, which is a real strength. It occurred to me one day that she was taught to be a good citizen, with good manners, but no one really cared for her as a parent would,” explains Carpenter. You can watch the music video for “Manners” below:

Tarah Who? Share New Single “Swallow That Pill”

L.A. based duo “Tarah Who?” have released their most aggressive single by far. The track is titled “Swallow That Pill,” and it fiercely tackles a subject most of us can relate to, settling for something mentally, emotionally, or physically strenuous out of fear of losing something you feel you need whether it be that 9 to 5 job or toxic people in your life. We witness and experience emotional and mental abuse in the workplace everyday. We witness and experience unfair treatment from people who are supposed to care about us, but we take the harassment because that job is all we have to pay the bills. Inspired by an ex-co-worker who was mistreated and unrewarded for her hard work, lead singer Tarah Carpenter rages with Punk Rock fervor against the abuse we settle for in the workplace and just in life in general. Recognizing your value is an important thing, and during these COVID times where we feel like we need to cling on to whatever job we have no matter how belittling it can be, this straightforward message is more important than ever. You can watch the music video for “Swallow That Pill” below: