Album Review: The Comet Is Coming – Trust In The Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery


Artist: The Comet is Coming

Album: Trust in the Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery 

Genre: Jazz/Nu-Jazz/Electronic/Psychedelic Rock

Label: Impulse! Records 

Rating: 7.5/10

Listening to London based trio “The Comet is Coming” is like having an LSD infused spiritual journey that is both meditative and exhausting. The attention to instrumental detail whether it be the spacey “Electronic” inspired keyboards, the crisp drums, or the sharp skittering saxophone which takes front and center, one thing is for sure, something in their music will resonate with you and pummel you with both tumult and melodic beauty. Self-described as “apocalyptic space funk,” the band fully introduced us to their world on their 2016 debut Channel the Spirits, now the band have returned with their follow-up Trust in the Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery. This album focuses even further on the themes of apocalypse and chaos completely through improvisational instrumentation. It’s darker in tone but no less melodic and immensely jam-filled. However, not much has changed from their previous work. This album is more of the same, but as of right now that’s okay, because the music still captivates and immerses you into their beautifully chaotic world, and to be able to do that with instrumentation alone and only one track that has spoken word vocals is no easy feat. Upon hearing them, it’s inevitable to yearn for a live experience of the band, and they have impressively captured what it must be like to see them live on record. This album is a reminder that “Jazz” infused improvisation is still alive and well, with the genre exploring new territories, and in the wake of this new-found interest in “Jazz,” this album couldn’t have arrived at a better time.

Written By: Steven Sandoval 

Date: 03/19/19

ScHoolboy Q Shares New Song “Numb Numb Juice”


After three long years ScHoolboy Q has finally returned with new music. Today the “Top Dawg Entertainment” rapper released a new track titled “Numb Numb Juice,” and yes, it is a banger. No word on whether or not this will appear on his upcoming album, but judging from his “Twitter” posts, a new album is imminent. You can listen to “Numb Numb Juice” below:


King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Announce New Album “Fishing for Fishies”


Australian Psychedelic/Prog outfit “King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard” took a well deserved break from releasing new music last year, because following a year where a band releases five damn albums that same year, one would assume said band would have to take some time off to recharge their batteries and, you know, sleep. It’s looking like the band have hit another spark of creativity though, because it has just been announced that the band will release a new album titled Fishing for Fishies on April 26th via “Flightless Records.” The album will feature the band’s previously released single “Cyboogie.” Pre-orders begin  Wednesday, March 13th.

 Fishing For Fishies Tracklist:







E.P. Review: Kari Faux – Cry 4 Help


Artist: Kari Faux

EP: Cry 4 Help

Genre: R&B/Hip Hop

Label: Change Minds

Rating: 8/10

Kari Faux is quickly becoming an essential name in music. Following one full-length album, an EP, and various singles, Faux has released a new EP filled with her most enthralling work yet. Cry 4 Help is the title, and it is a necessary title, because the songs on this EP are deeply personal and honest. Unapologetically wearing her heart on her sleeve, the five tracks on this album carry a consistent sense of melancholy. Ranging from topics such as toxic relationships, depression, self-medication, and self-doubt, these songs are gut-wrenching confessions from someone who is using music to improve herself. It’s evident that this is therapy for her, but her knack for crafting catchy R&B-laden tunes with lush production and crisp beats that can have a Trap flavor on one song and a Boom Bap flavor on the next compliment the sentimental tone perfectly. “I don’t wanna be medicated. I don’t wanna be sedated. Rather have you call me crazy,” sings Faux on the smooth opener “Medicated,” and though this is an introduction to a deeply vulnerable experience, she assures us that she’d rather face the hurt with a clear mind than fall down the rabbit hole of substance dominant escapism. The following track “Leave Me Alone” is a lush and subtle anthem for those who have gained the courage to rid themselves of toxic relationships that are based solely on convenience, and Faux has an impressive way of creating an uplifting experience with simplistic lyrical content. “In The Air” is a bit of a celebration of weed with Curren$y adding a smooth verse, but after this fun track the final two tracks get even more personal. “Night Time” speaks on how relationships based solely on sex can be damaging when there’s no real connection, but it’s the closing track “Latch Key” that really ends the EP on a gut-wrenching but inspiring note. This track unsparingly details some painful experiences Faux has had to endure such as having a miscarriage when she was a teen and not having much of a relationship with her parents, using TV and her imagination to cope, but with the final words “Felt overlooked but now i’m getting booked for shows in different states where people dance and sing my hooks,” the EP ends in a positive and optimistic tone. I don’t think anyone saw a personal musical memoir of Faux coming, but here we are, we have a short but effective release that showcases her songwriting versatility. Kari Faux knows how to utilize the healing power of music.

Written By: Steven Sandoval 

Date: 03/09/19

The Black Keys Release New Song “Lo/Hi”


That’s right, they’re back. “The Black Keys” returned today with their first new music since their 2014 album Turn Blue. “Lo/Hi” feels like a return to form for the band, with raw “Blues Rock” that can win your Dad over. No word on whether or not this will appear on a new album. You can listen to the track below:


Black Mountain Announce New Album “Destroyer”


Canadian “Psychedelic Rock” band “Black Mountain” are back sooner than expected. The band’s last album IV was released three years ago, and considering how big of a gap there was between that album’s predecessor and how busy the members are with other projects, it’s a surprise “Black Mountain” are back so soon, but it’s a pleasant surprise of course. The band will release a new album titled Destroyer on May 24th through “Jagjaguwar,” and today they’ve shared the album’s first single “Future Shade.” About the track, frontman Stephen McBean says “It has a riff that traveled around the world then hit the bong with a chorus a year and a half later. A last attempt at double frosting produced a chorus on chorus death match. Anxiety is the new Heavy Metal.” You can listen to the track below: